Dan Wetzel

Interactive Design

User Experience

Pulling together a clear message, animation and unique interactions to drive engagement.

Responsibilities: Conceptualization, scripting, UX/UI, visual design, animation, illustration, programming

digital currency

Interactive infographic

Simply stated facts about the different types of digital currency.


eLearning Course
Industry: Technology

Blockchain, the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, can be complicated to explain. In this project, the subject is broken down and presented with great simplicity.

Part of a series of three 10-minute courses that replaced 12 hours of ILT.

Future with 5G

Interactive infographic

What promise does 5G hold for the future? Explore these questions through x-ray vision and discover how the technology might play a role in our lives.

Product Universe

Interactive data visualization

Shedding light on complex product hierarchies with interactive data visualizations.

Artificial Intelligence

eLearning Course
Industry: Technology

AI has taken the world by storm. But what is it? How does it think? Unique hands-on interactions run live AI algorithms and create true learning experiences.

Data Integrity

eLearning Course
Industry: Business Administration

Teaching managers to properly code their employees' cost center can be a fairly dull experience. The solution was to follow a few brief screens of content with The Data Bug Challenge – a game designed to be both entertaining and effective.


Industry: Cyber Security

What if, instead of being the target, you were the Hacker? This simulation raises awareness of common vulnerabilities by employing a real game experience.

Payments 101

Learning Pathway

Five payments subjects delivered via a variety of modalities: A short video, infographic, article and in-depth podcast for each one, giving users the power to ingest the amount and type of content they want.

Design Thinking

eLearning Course
Industry: Product Design

The basics of Design Thinking in a super-fast, really short training. Build a persona and solve a problem directly in the course.

Fire Response

Industry: Healthcare

Whether or not you are in a patient environment, the proper response to a fire requires you to assess the situation and employ the correct techniques.

This simulation was part of a larger course on fire safety, bringing to life and strengthening the key ideas of the lesson.

Newborn Screening

Learning Assessment
Industry: Healthcare

Assessments need to be a series of multiple choice questions... Or do they? Newborn screening replaced a typical quiz with hands-on interactions to test and reinforce the important process of taking proper medical samples.

Radiation Safety

eLearning Course
Industry: Healthcare

A high profile, high-priority client initiative brought to life with smooth transitions and targeted animation.


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