Dan Wetzel

Multidisciplinary Creative

Multimedia Artist | Conceptual Designer | Visual Storyteller | Creative Technologist

I create visual stories that communicate, teach and entertain.

Specializing in creative direction, my hands-on production expertise includes: illustration, animation, video, audio, graphic design, creative writing and coding. I have a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude to get in the trenches and build.

Whether in the form of eLearning, games, websites, branding or motion graphics, the end product is always rooted in delivering a compelling story.

digital currency

Interactive infographic

Simply stated facts about the different types of digital currency.

Future with 5G

Interactive infographic

What promise does 5G hold for the future? Explore these questions through x-ray vision and discover how the technology might play a role in our lives.

Product Universe

Interactive data visualization

Shedding light on complex product hierarchies with interactive data visualizations.




Websites, custom email, marketing materials and branding.


From brainstorming to storyboards to finished product.


Character animation, motion graphics, sound design, audio and video editing.

Traditional Media

oil on canvas

Digital and beyond: Traditional skills add unique and powerful possibilities.


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